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Fruit Salsa

fruit salsa

Strawberry salsa shown above contains strawberries, melon (honeydew and musk), watermelon, pineapple, honey, lemon juice, mint.

This is a great recipe that uses seasonal fruit.


Seasonal fruit (suggestions: strawberries, cherries, apples, melon, peaches, watermelon, grapes, blueberries, etc.  You can also add in some canned fruit like chopped up pineapple if you need additional fruit that may not be in season).

Honey to taste, or sugar, or Splenda

Fresh or dried mint leaves

Lemon juice

Cinnamon chips (like Stacey’s Cinnamon Pita chips or make your own toasted pita chips by cutting pita bread into wedges, spreading lightly with butter and cinnamon sugar mix and toasting in the oven on a cookie sheet until crisp, try this link for more information)

Directions:  Dice fruit into a bowl.  Drizzle with lemon juice and honey (or other sweetener).  Sprinkle lightly with mint leaves.  Stir well.  Place in fridge so flavors can blend.

Serve with cinnamon chips!  A very refreshing treat!